Kostanay state
A. Baitursynov
In order not to be behind other nations -
It is necessary to acquire knowledge, to be rich and strong.
In order to know - it is necessary to study,
In order to be rich - it is necessary to go in for craft,
In order to be strong - it is necessary to keep unity.

The regional means the first!


Quality of training is confirmed! 

The university collective seeks to make the contribution to country and region development in a context of the tasks set by the President of the country. The mission, vision, policy, the purposes and the tasks defining development of higher education institution in operational and strategic plans are created. And, naturally, being regional higher education institution, KSU considers the leading role in the market of educational services its main priority, being the educational, scientific and cultural center and generator of innovations and a source of personnel potential of high competence.


The higher education institution successfully passes all demanded stages of control from the Ministry of Education and Science, surely keeps the positions in ratings of the state and independent researches of education and doesn't intend to stop on the reached. For some years the university did huge work on education improvement of quality in which all interested parties are involved: administration, students, teachers, employers, state and public organizations. The university has the prepared group of the certified internal auditors.


On certification «Russian Register»   in November, 2005 the quality management system of KSU of A.Baytursynov is recognized by association conforming to ISO 9001:2000 international standard requirements with delivery of certificates of conformity of Russian Register and IQNet Association. The higher education institution one of the first in the republic in September, 2009 passed inspection audit and received confirmation of compliance of quality management system of the new version of the ISO 9001:2008 MS standard.


Achievement of quality of the educational services provided by university, in many respects is carried out on the basis of inquiries of consumers and according to requirements of a labor market for the following directions:


  • participation of consumers in governing bodies of higher education institution (boards of trustees, association of graduates, academic council and councils of faculties, etc.);
  • involvement of consumers to work on monitoring of the contents of educational plans, programs and their examination, development of elective disciplines, etc.;
  • participation of consumers in monitoring of quality of educational activity of higher education institution: total certifications, licensing on discovery of specialty etc.;
  • participation of consumers in introduction in production of results of scientific activity, in scientific grants, coordination of projects with them and scientific programs, opening of branches of chairs, etc.;
  • information work of higher education institution on training of specialists not only before reception of entrants, and during the whole year (professional orientation work, fairs of vacancies, employment of graduates and career monitoring, etc.).


Today the higher education institution has high rates of level of employment of graduates on specialties (to 75% on the average) and according to the principle of continuous improvement undertakes measures for the growth of competitiveness: the educational programs aim at requirements of a labor market, interaction with employers, participation in ratings, in institutional and program accreditation in national and international agencies.