Kostanay state
A. Baitursynov
In order not to be behind other nations -
It is necessary to acquire knowledge, to be rich and strong.
In order to know - it is necessary to study,
In order to be rich - it is necessary to go in for craft,
In order to be strong - it is necessary to keep unity.

Training courses

Today each graduate of school dreams to become the student of higher education institution. But in order that   this dream came true, the today's applicant needs to work very much and not only at school. And in order to your dream to become the student was realized, at university in the presence of institute of professional development the system of pre-university preparation is created.


Our purpose is creation of optimum conditions to future students for successful entering in any higher education institution of the country! We seek to organize  training that our listeners not only overcame threshold level of the uniform national testing (UNT) or the complex testing (CT), but also showed high points and became real owners of the state educational grants.




Into system of pre-university preparation enter:

Tasks of pre-university preparation:

  • monitoring of a level of quality of knowledge of pupils in tested subjects;
  • elimination of gaps in knowledge of general education subjects;
  • systematization of knowledge of subjects EHT (CT), acquaintance with procedure and technique of entrance tests;
  • psychological adaptation to process of delivery of entrance examinations and training in a higher educational institution.


Training is conducted:

  • in the state and Russian languages;
  • according to different programs of training;
  • in all tested subjects




 Don't miss the chance - become listeners of training courses or preparatory office, and you will take a right step on a way to professional success! 



Address: Kostanay city, Baytursynov St., 47, KSU main case, office № 126. Institute of professional development and pre-university preparation of A. Baytursynov. Kostanay state university.


Phone:  +7 (7142) 51-11-35.


How to reach to university? Buses №  3, 5, 19, 22, 38 or share taxi  №  23 (to bus stop "Dramatic theater", "The French house").




Training courses



Training courses provide training of pupils of 10-11 classes for the uniform national testing (UNT). The main advantage of training courses is high-quality training of graduates of schools for UNT for reasonable price.


Classes are given by scientists-lecturers of university who are authors of manuals for applicants  to the universities and have long-term successful experience in preparation for UNT.



During training on training courses all information on higher education institutions, colleges, specialties and entering conditions is provided to listeners. Meetings with representatives of faculties and students are organized for listeners of training courses. Where booklets with information on features, on appeal of specialty, student's life, opportunities of the subsequent employment are handed out. 


Also tours in the museums and educational cases of university are conducted. During carrying out excursions on faculties listeners of training courses have opportunity to see material equipment of university, to receive answers on interesting their questions, to communicate with students.


Classes on training courses are given within academic year. For school students of Kostanay city  classes are given in the evening. For nonresident school students classes are given in the form of four sessions during school vacation - autumn, winter, spring, summer.


Register on training courses is carried out on weekdays from 10.00 till 17.00 (a break - 13.00-14.00). For register on training courses it is necessary to have at itself the identity card.




                       Preparatory office


The order of the organization of activity of preparatory office includes reception, training and expel of listeners.


 For entering to preparatory office listeners give following documents:

• the application for admission in any form;

• original of the document on education;

• identification paper.



The program of preparatory office provides preparation for entering  on the chosen specialties and is directed on training of listeners for entrance tests in the following subjects:

• mathematics;

• history of Kazakhstan;

• Kazakh or Russian;

• the corresponding profile subject of entrance tests (depending on the preparation direction on which the listener enters).



The organization of educational process is carried out according to the approved working curricula and working training programs which are developed according to requirements of the State general education standard of education.


The contents of programs don't repeat, and expand and supplement a school course, the technique of teaching aims at work with tests.


Training on preparatory office is carried out on full-time tuition in the evening. The maximum term of training is 9 months. Training is carried out on a paid basis.



The program of preparatory office provided control actions for all listeners:  entrance, intermediate and total.  The first testing allows estimating the actual level of knowledge, to correct plans and a technique of occupations.  The second helps the listener and the teacher to see, how effective their joint work was.  After it the listener and the teacher define, whether additional classes in individual groups are necessary or enough to continue work in the main group.  After the third testing the listener, relying on the result, in one and a half months prior to CT has one more opportunity to check itself, to note gaps and to get additional advice in a subject.


Besides, during training regular trainings on performance of test tasks in a format of an entrance test, according to the modular program of training, with the analysis of structural and substantial features of a material and detailed analysis of mistakes are provided. The corresponding recommendations about distribution of time for performance of tasks are made.