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In order not to be behind other nations -
It is necessary to acquire knowledge, to be rich and strong.
In order to know - it is necessary to study,
In order to be rich - it is necessary to go in for craft,
In order to be strong - it is necessary to keep unity.

Frequently asked questions


Dear guests !

In the rubric "Frequently Asked Questions" we will offer you a list of most often asked questions  diring the transferring or restoring students, and of course, there will the answers to them. If you have a any other question, you can find the answer in the "General provision" or carefully study the rules of transfer and recovery of students by type of educational organization approved by the RK Government Resolution from 19.01.2012, № 110, the reference of approval is available in this section. 





I was expelled from a different university 11 years ago for poor academic progress. May I be reinstated at your university? If yes, what major am I allowed to apply for?

Answer: Generally speaking, you may be reinstated at any university, in any mode of attendance and in any major regardless the time of your expulsion. But the procedure of reinstatement supposes a number of rules to follow which are stated in the Rules of transfer and reinstatement approved with the resolution of the Kazakhstan Republic.



I was expelled from the 4th year. May I be reinstated for the same year?

Answer: Yes, you may. But only in case you have the discrepancy in no more than 5 compulsory subjects. As for the optional subject, the number of them should be so not to exceed 57 academic hours a week in your individual plan. 



May I be transferred or reinstated without the certificate of the United National Test or Complex Test?

Answer: No, you may not. The exception comes for students who are non-residents of the Kazakhstan Republic, who studied abroad, or who didn’t need to provide the certificate at the time when they were initially admitted.



I want to be transferred into your university for the same year. I have already written the application addressed to the rector of my current university for getting the acceptance on transferring. What if I don’t obtain the acceptance for some reasons, will I be able to continue studying at my current university?

Answer: Yes, you will. The order of your expulsion is issued only when we have a written acceptance of your rector to send your documents to our university. Until then, you are a student of your current university.




Will my state scholarship be kept if I decide to be transferred from one university to another?

Answer: Yes, it will, only if you are transferred for the same major, the same mode of attendance and the same year. However, if you have got the state scholarship issued specifically according to the state order for a limited number of educational institutions, such as pedagogical universities, you will lose the scholarship when transferring to other university.



- I’m a Master student and a state grantee of other university. May I be transferred into your university?

The procedure of transferring of Master students is similar to the one for Bachelor students.