Kostanay state
A. Baitursynov
In order not to be behind other nations -
It is necessary to acquire knowledge, to be rich and strong.
In order to know - it is necessary to study,
In order to be rich - it is necessary to go in for craft,
In order to be strong - it is necessary to keep unity.

IQAA External audit at A.Baitursynov Kostanay State University

Today, March 28, is the second day of the external audit of IQAA experts at A.Baitursynov Kostanay State University within the institutional and specialized accreditation.

In the first half of the day the committee visited the branches of departments: "Kazakhstan - Kostanay" channel, "Republican Veterinary Laboratory", the Faculty of Veterinary and Livestock Technology. The Committee had a look at the work of the animal clinic, innovative research and educational center.

After lunch the committee visited laboratories at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences: practical psychology, linguistic research, innovative educational technologies and "Zhastar" educational television studio.

Then there was a presentation of international programs. Since 16.00 pm the committee met with university students, graduates, doctoral students, conducted interviews with members of the Supreme Student Council.

In the end, the committee held a meeting with the teaching staff of A.Baitursynov Kostanay State University