Kostanay state
A. Baitursynov
In order not to be behind other nations -
It is necessary to acquire knowledge, to be rich and strong.
In order to know - it is necessary to study,
In order to be rich - it is necessary to go in for craft,
In order to be strong - it is necessary to keep unity.

A sound mind in a sound body!


Sports life in KSU is in full swing. And it is remarkable. After all not for nothing in the people there is the well-known phrase: "A sound mind in a sound body!". And sports always were important. Today it is fashionable to be healthy. It is part it doesn't become simple cultures, and part of corporate culture. We for the sports hall after work, for equal breath after conquest of the 5th floor without elevator, for excellent complexion and a vigorous condition of spirit...



At Kostanay State University for development of a healthy lifestyle and sports activities all conditions are created. It is the developed material-technical sports base, professional trainer's structure and, certainly, a good spirit in collective on a healthy lifestyle. Excellent sports base are at the disposal of students and teachers: sports complex, the stadium, open soccer field with an artificial covering, game, wrestling and training halls, a hall for special medical group, chess club and club togyzkumalak, open sports grounds for games on volleyball, basketball and mini-soccer, skiing lodge.

Improving and mass sports at the university is headed by sports club "Sunkar" and the chair of physical culture where highly qualified specialists, honored trainers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, trainers-teachers of the highest and first category of classification, the master of sports of the international class and the Republic of Kazakhstan work. The sports club "Sunkar" and chair of physical culture of KSU have the nice history and, like "the small state", possess the traditions, grandiose plans, presence of the heroes, that rich past which experience allows to look with optimism in the successful future. 


The slogan "Sports for all! " is important from the student to the leader of the university. He visits sports section on the soccer, each of his vice organized sports section of adherents on a certain sport. Soccer, basketball, table tennis and badminton are especially popular among teachers. 




Studies on physical culture are organized on specializations, that is in sports. At the beginning of academic year the first-year student is offered to choose that sport in which he would like to be engaged in university within two years. And each student can choose itself this or that of a sport at discretion. And classes are given in physical culture in an afternoon. In the evening 13 sections of different types of sports where also students have opportunity to be engaged in a favourite sport work. Subjects are entered into the program of physical culture on valueology, a healthy lifestyle. Days of health, the stock "Students Against Drugs", "Is Not Present to AIDS", sports contest of university and a lot of things другое.и badminton are spent.


The sports club "Sunkar" and the chair of physical culture annually holds sports and mass events for different types of sports, as among students, and competitions among employees and the faculty. At university such sports as volleyball, basketball, cross-country skiing, table tennis, chess and checkers, national fight "kazakhsha-kurez" enjoy wide popularity, mini-soccer, togyzkumalak, sambo, judo, powerlifting, winter presidential all-round, darts.



In a traditional sports contest for teachers and employees commands from faculties and structural divisions, including the administrative and managerial personnel regularly participate. Competitions take place in days of winter vacation.


Within celebration of New Year – Nauryz on the east calendar competitions in national sports "Kol kures", "Asyk" - dicing, on national fight "Kazakhsha-kures" are held. In November, 2011 the international tournament on national fight " Kazakhsha-kures " among the students, devoted to the 20 anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan and opening of a new sports complex of university was organized at the initiative of the top management of the university and sports club "Sunkar". National teams of KSU annually participate in a city and regional sports contest of colleges and higher education institutions on the following sports: basketball, table tennis, volleyball, cross-country skiing,  and also participate in autumn and spring track and field athletics cross-countries and relay. Our students are the participants of republican and international competitions. University teams on different types of sports are numerous champions and prize-winners of the national championships and republican university games. 



Special pride of university are athletes students. Among them there are champions and prize-winners of the World Cups and Asia, and also prize-winners of the International and Republican competitions. read more.



Sport sections


The educational and training work in various sports sections of sports club is figures prominently in the life of the staff of physical culture of Kostanay State University.



Sports sections which provide versatile physical preparation are created, raise level of physical and intellectual operability of youth, strengthen and restore health of employees. They are "Kazakhsha-kures", “togyzkumalak”, table tennis, weight athletic and powerlifting, chess, checkers, track and light athletics, skiing, basketball, volleyball, soccer.


The assumption to occupations in sports sections the persons which don't have the sports category practices, but possessing sufficient versatile physical preparation and wishing to be engaged in this or that sport cultivated in higher education institution. In 12 sports sections of university more than 200 students systematically are engaged. Part of students of the university are engaged in specialized sections of the city and area