Kostanay state
A. Baitursynov
In order not to be behind other nations -
It is necessary to acquire knowledge, to be rich and strong.
In order to know - it is necessary to study,
In order to be rich - it is necessary to go in for craft,
In order to be strong - it is necessary to keep unity.





World practice of endowment funds has a century’s history. The first analogue of modern endowments appeared in 1502 in the UK, when Lady Margaret Byufort, a grandmother of King Henry VIII, made ​​a donation to the creation of chairs of theology at the University of Oxford and Cambridge. In the U.S., Harvard University became a pioneer in the creation of endowment, where in 1649 four graduates bequeathed Alma Mater a small plot of land. Now its endowment is 38% of total revenues. You can not say that many are able to earn the same as Harvard, Cambridge and Stanford, forming donations on average 40% of income base of the university. The need of our local universities for additional funds is certainly high, and Kostanay State University is not an exception.



The Development Fund (endowment fund) was created to fulfill the tasks of the Association of Graduates and Trustees of KSU, the proceeds of which are offered to be used for the development of educational programs, support for research, the target student learning, strengthening the material-technical base, improving the educational process, and more.


Fund directions of activity:


• Management (defining a strategy, planning and reporting, financial and legal issues);

• Investments (work with the management company responsible for investing, forecasting financials fund and the financial statements);

• Fundraising (defining a strategy for attracting donors, target groups, methods of work, motivational keys);

• PR (defining information strategies, motivational work, publishing).



The principal activities of the Fund are:

• financing of educational programs of the new generation;

• financing for research and publishing;

• financing of social programs for students and teachers;

• modernization of material and technical base of the university;

• financial support for young teachers and researchers, students;

• scholarships and grants for students with high  achievements in studies and social life and the disadvantaged;

• positioning the University among students.



Money resources of the Fund are formed from:

• The contributions of the founders;

• Receipts from the sale of goods, works and services;

• Voluntary contributions and donations (cash and in kind);

• Dividends;

• Income from business activities.








●        Reason One: Patronage - historically honourable and respectable activity, a distinctive feature of Kazakhstan.

Development Fund of A.Baitursynov KSU pays special attention to those graduates and trustees who have made donations to the trust capital endowment. Attention of endowment to philanthropists is essential, regardless of the size of the input amount.


Executive Directorate of the Fund publishes the information about the benefactors on the honour board and on the website of the Fund. A.Baitursynov KSU mentions benefactors in the TV - and the radio interview of the Fund's management, post news and interviews with patrons on the pages of the "Bilim zharysy" newspaper, includes information on benefactors in reports to the Council of Professors and the Association of Alumni and Trustees, invites benefactors to all kinds of meetings and events of the Fund as well as the university.



●        Reason Two: Charity, together with endowment of  A.Baitursynov KSU is a guarantee of the intended use of funds.


Development Fund of KSU does not only clearly declare those areas that they will spend money, but also pursues the principles of transparency in its financial policies, which allows donors to ensure proper use of funds.


Executive management of the Fund regularly hold a  meeting of the Council of Professors and the Association of Alumni and Trustees, quarterly give a detailed report on the expenditure of funds in all possible ways, openly and transparently declares the directions of expenditure to the Board of Professors and the Association of Alumni and Trustees. 



●        Reason Three: Development of the University is a guarantee of quality education for your children and grandchildren.



KSU endowment does not only accept donations from alumni and trustees, but also from the students, their parents and postgraduate students. Donations to the endowment reflect not only gratitude of the donors for that vital foundation that KSU has created. The transferred funds provide a clear perspective for the future - provide a better education at A.Baitursynov KSU for children and grandchildren.


Executive management of the Fund welcomes funds from students, their parents, no less than the donation of alumni and trustees, invites major donors to discuss the development strategy of the Fund and the University, develops work with parents in close contact with the university, faculties.







• Retraining through Master Programs of KSU;

• Involving the scientific potential of the university for scientific and practical problems of development and other businesses and organizations;

• The possibility of advanced training or probation of specialists in the various programs (business management, quality management system, professional re-training, IT-technologies, foreign and state language, etc.);

• Access to the database about graduate and postgraduate students of graduation course for priority selection of future professionals;

• The use of the material base of the university;

• Use of the services of the Centre for Economic Research, Innovation Research and Education Centre, Centre for Applied Psychology;

• Access to the library and electronic resources of the university;

• Free publication of articles in scientific proceedings of the University and in a multidisciplinary scientific journal «3i: intellect, idea, innovation";

• The ability to order a transfer of technology: business projects, marketing, psychoanalytic studies, etc.



The first patrons of public development fund of A.Baitursynov KSU


1. Block Sergei Ivanovich, Director of "Milkh" LLP

2. Bukanov Sayran Balkenovich, Director of "Karken" LLP

3. Bukhmetov Amanzhol Kasymbekovich, Commercial Director of JSC "Holding Agromash"

4. Ivan Klimenko, President of "STOFARM" LLP

5. Solozhenko Viktor Ivanovich, General Director of "Arai-Holding" LLP

6. Tursunov Almat Zhanabilevich, General Director of LLC TIC"Karasu"

7. Habiev Alzhan Narimanovich, General Director of "Grain Industry" LLP

8. Faculty, staff, graduate and postgraduate students of the University