Kostanay state
A. Baitursynov
In order not to be behind other nations -
It is necessary to acquire knowledge, to be rich and strong.
In order to know - it is necessary to study,
In order to be rich - it is necessary to go in for craft,
In order to be strong - it is necessary to keep unity.

Strategic Integrative International Management for SMEs



CD-JEP-27063-2006 «Strategic Integrative International Management for SMEs»





Project name
CD- JEP-27063 - 2006«Strategic Integrative International Management for SMEs. Developing a curriculum and a syllabus, the implementation in Baitursinov KSU and in Rudniy Industrial Institute, the Republic of Kazakhstan».
Developing a syllabus and implementation of the course "Strategic Integrative International Management for SMEs" in Baitursinov KSU and in Rudniy Industrial Institute, the Republic of Kazakhstan. Knowledge transfer and validation of innovative Finnish and German methods, approaches and teaching techniques, adapted with the help of comparative research and the improvement of the educational process. Developing and implementation of new syllabus and suitable web-materials of electronic learning on basis of the principle to educate during the life and elements of learning
Project domain
Т 300 - Business and Management
Project duration
2 years
Amount financed 299 950 Euro + cofinancing 16 200 Euro
Contractor and Coordinator
Fachhochschule fuer technik, wirtschaft und gestaltung, Germany

Agentur fuer technologietransfer und innovationsfoer-derung – Schwerin, Germany.
Seinaejoki university of appliedsciences- Kauhafa, Finland, Baitursinov KSU - Kostanay, Kazakhstan, Rudniy Industrial Institute - Rudniy, Kazakhstan, Рудный, Казахстан, The Department of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.





The following objectives were solved during the realization of Tempus project from 2007 till the 1st May, 2010:

  • The creation of communication electronic network. Project management.
  • The intensive exchange of experience and information between European and Kazakhsatn HEIs in co-operative work with SMEs.
  • The general analysis of capacities to introduce the interface of competence in Kazakhstan HEIs..
  • The co-operative developing of training courses together with the leading professors of the partner-universities.
  • The mobility of teaching staff and master's degree students of the partner-universities.
  • The accreditation of Master's degree program
  • The distribution of project results in Kazakhstan




The following results were achieved during the project realization:

  • The teaching staff of partner-universities prepared new training courses as part of the specialization and test them in their universities.
  • According to the results of comparative analysis of "Management" qualification (Master's degree-6N0507) curriculum and experimental curriculum the distinct division of subjects for the inclusion in curriculum was done. According to the results the analysis the 24% of subjects coincide, 20% of subjects need to be modernized in accordance with program demands and55%are absolutely new subjects.
  • The curriculum for the Master's degree students' preparation of the "Management" qualification was developed in terms of State Compulsive Education Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan by the work groups of Baiturvinov KSU, Rudniy Industrial Institute, University of Technology, Business and Design, Wismar. This curriculum includes two areas of subjects, basic and major subjects, 45% of subjects are compulsive and 55% of subjects are elective.

• The projectsjncludes other important components such as the stimulation of scientific search and the teaching and guiding work in the partner-universities, and the support of current projects. The project developed as integrated addition to the Kazakhstan University Projects. The publication of university press such periodicals, study guides, collection of syllabuses of new courses was financed in terms of this project. The timing of methodological training course was coordinated with the organization of international conferences, which took place in the moderator- university.