Kostanay state
A. Baitursynov
In order not to be behind other nations -
It is necessary to acquire knowledge, to be rich and strong.
In order to know - it is necessary to study,
In order to be rich - it is necessary to go in for craft,
In order to be strong - it is necessary to keep unity.

The introduction of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) in universities of Kazakhstan




The introduction of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) in universities of Kazakhstan





Project name
CM_SCM-T002B05-2005 "The introduction of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) in universities of Kazakhstan"
to facilitate the Credit System creation compatible with European system and work out the manual for transfer on ECTS
Project domain
Т 935 - Credit Transfer System
Project duration
1 year
Amount financed
99 804 Euro
Universita degli studi di Bologna - Gesena, Italy.
International Business University -Almati, Kazakhstan

KazNPU -Almati, Kazakhstan

Baiturvinov KSU - Kostanay, Kazakhstan, The Department of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Central OstrobothniaPolitechnic, Kokkoia, Finnland, Sinform, Bologna, Italy, SVIMAP-network universitario per lo sviluppodelmanagementdell'areaPubblica- Gesena, Italy.



The following results of the project are achieved:

• The exchange of working curricula is made in 3 areas:

The Humanities (Interpreters)

Economics (Management)

Technological subjects (Agroengineering)


  • The foreign experience and peculiarities of learning process organization in the credit system implemented by partner-universities and other universities with the experience in ECTS work are investigated
  • The peculiarities of Credit Transfer Systems and Credit Transfer and Accumulation Systems implemented by European universities, procedures of ECTS, opportunities offered to students and universities are explored. The analytical review with generalization of foreign experience in Credit Transfer System application in educational process is done on results of the work. The following problems of ECTS realization are , revealed:

оdifferent number of hours for 1 credit; оdifferent number of years for bachelor degree; оdifferent number of required credits;

оdifferent approaches to credit calculation in European universities.

  • The training seminars about ECTS for teaching staff, methodologists were organized »


  • The Association Agreement in the science and education spheres between Baitursinov KSU and Bologna University was signed during the visit of .'professorM.Bianki form Bologna University on May, 2007. All materials of the introduction of the European Credit Trasnfer System into educational process were presented to professor M.Bianki during his visit.