Kostanay state
A. Baitursynov
In order not to be behind other nations -
It is necessary to acquire knowledge, to be rich and strong.
In order to know - it is necessary to study,
In order to be rich - it is necessary to go in for craft,
In order to be strong - it is necessary to keep unity.

Board of Alumni and Trustees Association of Kostanay State University


The Board of Alumni and Trustees Association of A. Baitursunov Kostanay State University has been created as the highest management body of the Association in the context of realization of the state program of progress of the education in the Republic of Kazakhstan, on June, 8th, 2012 at the First Forum of Alumni and Trustees of Kostanay State University. The activity of the Board of Alumni and Trustees Association of Kostanay State University is led by Serik Chinygizovich Bekturganov, vice-akim of Kostanay region, under the aegis of the regional administration and on behalf of the administration of Kostanay region.

The activity of the Board of Alumni and Trustees Association aims to bring together the university, government and business organizations to improve the quality of training, the stable development of the university. The Board gives recommendations on planning the university development, defining its strategy, priorities and long-term development objectives, development strategy of mutually beneficial cooperation with employers, participating in the development of educational programs, providing a financial contribution to training, funding business projects of students, promoting employment of graduates.    



The Board of Alumni and Trustees Association of KSU consists of 24 people, they are alumni and business leaders, heads of government agencies, prominent public figures and leaders of large companies in our region who voluntarily wish to contribute to the improvement of the quality of undergraduate and postgraduate students, to strengthen financial, material and technical base of the university, the establishment of joint ventures for the implementation of scientific development of students and faculty, technology transfer, etc. these are the companies and organizations such as JSC “Agromash-Holding”, JSC “Bayan Sulu”, Association “Kostanai Munay Onimdery”, TPK “Karasu”, LLP “Grain Industry”, “Stofarm” LLP, “Arai-Holding” LLP, “Agrofirma Dievskoe” LLP, “Karken”, a branch of Legal Entities Association “National Economic Chamber of Kazakhstan”  “Atameken Union” in Kostanai region, LLP “Milkh” and others.



The chairmen of boards of trustees of all faculties, chairman of the club's mass media editors of Kostanai region are also part of the Association Board. This organizational structure of the Board of Alumni and Trustees Association of KSU has established itself positively, along with the implementation of its general functions of the Board of the Association it also coordinates the activities of boards of trustees of the faculties. Besides members of the boards of trustees of the faculties are leading specialists in those fields which provide training at faculties. This allows the boards of trustees of faculties to assist and support in dealing with issues and the development of their faculties more professionally.


The Board of Alumni and Trustees Association hold a meeting once or twice a year. During the session members decided to increase the participation of potential employers of our region in the educational process to assist the university in training highly qualified specialists. To solve the task it was decided to organize field classes for university students, retraining and professional development for the teaching staff in leading enterprises with advanced technology and manufacturing competitive products. A number of organizations that have joined the Board of Alumni and Trustees Association of KSU are the basis for students’ internship; many of them have opened branches of departments equipped with special rooms for training in industry. Members of the Association and leading experts with great practical experience in the workplace are invited to give lectures and conduct classes.


Cooperation between Kostanai State University and the Board of Alumni and Trustees Association is based on the principles of mutually beneficial partnership. The university offers the members of the Board of Alumni and Trustees Association of KSU and potential employers professional development in various programs, involvement of the scientific potential of the university for scientific and practical problems hindering the development of enterprises, use of the material-technical base of the university, access to library and electronic resources of the university, technology development, business projects, marketing and psychoanalytic research, etc.   



Thus,  KSU created a mechanism for public participation in the management and production quality of the education and training of competitive specialists. New forms of organization of joint partnerships enable employers to attract and training to ensure not only the practical component of the educational process in the real world of modern manufacturing and material resources, but also improve the quality of education in general.


The Board of Alumni and Trustees Association of KSU pays special attention to improvement of quality of a professional training in this connection actual considers following problems:

- Establishment of a continuous communication with graduates;
- Creation of favorable conditions to graduates in their innovative activity, assistance in promotion of its results;
-  Assistance in promotion of scientific and technical development of university and the enterprises through graduates;
- Attraction of graduates to progress innovative technologies at university (a management and financing of projects, joint participation in scientific projects, realization of scientific and technical development, etc.)
- Assistance to progress of the international communications of university and the enterprises with attraction of leading foreign scientists.


The Board of Alumni and Trustees Association also provides strengthening materially - technical base of university, rendering of sponsor's support to requiring students from among children of orphans, children of parents remaining without care and children with the limited possibilities by attraction of gratuitous donations of money resources, devices, the equipment, etc. In this connection members of the Board have taken part in updating public Fund of progress KSU by A.Baitursynov. Creation of public fund offers the promise also a necessary condition of the further progress of university.



Members of the Board of Alumni and Trustees Association 

Chairman of the Board – Bekturganov Serik Chingizovich, vice-akim of the administration of Kostanay region 


1. Abenov Murat Telgarovich – Director of branch  « National economic chamber of Kazakhstan », "Union Atameken" in Kostanay region;

2. Astafev Vladimir Leonidovich – Director of Kostanay branch of the LLC " КazSRIMEA ";

3. Block Sergey Ivanovich – Director of the LLC " Milh ";

4. Bukanov Sairan Balkenovich – Director of the LLC " Karken ";

5. Danilenko Oleg Vladimirovich – General Director of the LLC « Agrofirm Diyevskoe »;

6. Dandybayev Bakhatur Alimbayevich – Managing secretariat – the vice-president of the Regional Assembly of people of Kazakhstan;

7. Jumashev Mirash Jumashevich – Director Kostanay branch of the SE « National bank »

8. Imanbayev Tolegen Kasymkhanovich – chief of the Kostanay  regional territorial inspection CVC and MA RK;

9. Kaibzhanov Marat Jolmagambetuly–  prosecutor of Kostanay region;

10. Klimenko Ivan Ivanovich – President of the LLC " Stofarm ";

11. Nurkhojaev Yerbol Saparbayevich –  Chairman of the board of joint-stock company « Kostanay minerals »;

12. Rozinov Vasiliy Samoilovich – General Directot of the LLC " Ivolga-Holding ";

13. Sidorenko Alexey Nikolaevich – Chairman of the board of joint-stock company " Agromash-Holding ";

14. Solozhenkov Victor Ivanovich – General Director of the LLC « Aray-Holding »;

15. Temirkhanov Khadjimurat Jumabekovich – General Director of the  Kostanay branch  of joint-stock company «Kaztelecom»;

16. Traiber Vitaly Andreevich –  Chairman of the board the President of joint-stock company « Bayan Sulu »;

17. Tursunov Almat Janabilyevich – General Director of the company «Karasu»;

18. Faisulin Rafail Nurakhmetovich – President of Association « Kostanay Munai Onimdery »;

19. Filipov Fedor Ilich – Head of Management of the agriculture administration of Kostanay region;

20. Khabiyev Alzhan Narimanovich – General Director of the  LLC « Grain industry »;

21. Kharchenko Sergey Vasilyevich – Director, the editor-in-chief « Kostanay news »;

22. Nametov Askar Myrzakhmetovich – Rector of  A.Baitursynov KSU;

23. Dauenov Mikhail Jussupovich – Professor of A.Baitursynov KSU




Some results of work of the Board of Alumni and Trustees Association of KSU


  • Joint development of educational programs for a professional training
  • Granting of material base for a practical professional training (creation of branches of faculties)
  • Support of student's scientific researches and business projects for their introduction on manufacture
  • Assistance in employment of graduates at the enterprises
  • The Financial contribution to a professional training and progress of university (purchase of the equipment)
  • Creation of joint ventures for introduction of scientific development, a transfer of technologies etc.

In structure of Board of Association of graduates and trustees KSU  works 4 committees

1. The committee on educational affairs and interoperability with actual sector of economy (Sidorenko A.N., Klimenko I.I., Danilenko O.V.) – considers questions of the organization of educational process, a content of educational programs, qualifications and practical preparation of students and an assessment of quality of their preparation.

2. Committee on innovative and scientific questions (Tursunov A.Z., Solozhenkov V.I., Habiev A.N.) – considers questions of commerce scientific development PTS, organisation business-projects of students, integration of a science and manufacture and material support of scientific development of teachers and students of university.

3. The committee on progress of university, investments (Bukanov S.B., Fajzulin R.N.) – considers strategic plans of university, questions of integration of interests of potential employers with a direction of preparation of experts, state-private partnership, progress of patronage of arts and definition of investment policy.

4. The committee on youth questions (Abenov M.T., Trajber V.A., Blok S.I.) – considers questions of youth policy, education of youth and a youth movement, social security of students (accomodation, catering, health services, etc.)