Kostanay state
A. Baitursynov
In order not to be behind other nations -
It is necessary to acquire knowledge, to be rich and strong.
In order to know - it is necessary to study,
In order to be rich - it is necessary to go in for craft,
In order to be strong - it is necessary to keep unity.

Contests, Projects

      From November, 2014 to February, 2015 two stages of competition "Parasatty zhastar" passed for commercialization of SRWS, development of entrepreneurial thinking within preparation to the annual Republican competition of scientific and research works of students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the faculties of Kostanay state university of A. Baitursynov. The first stage of competition passed on the faculty level; the second on university level.


   On March 12, 2015 the final stage of annual competition of student's business - projects "Parasatty zhastar" passed at A. Baitursynov  KSU.



     The purpose of competition is the development and strengthening of enterprise spirit,
encouragement of students in skills acquisition of business – modeling and business - planning, and also attracting of investors for implantation of student's innovative business - projects, significant for social and economic development of the region. 


     In total in 2015 the 68 business – projects was declared on the competition from faculties, 16 from which reached the final and presented the ideas to the representatives of business - communities, government institutions and public organizations.  The relevance, creativity and novelty for the region, socially - economic efficiency, protection level - became the main criteria, by which strict and competent jury, estimated business – projects of students.


     According to the jury all projects are noteworthy. The jury included heads of National economic chamber of Kazakhstan "Soyuz Atameken" of Kostanay region, Center of attracting of investments and support of innovations of SEC "Tobol", Commerce and Industry Chamber of Kostanay region, Management of entrepreneurship and industrial and innovative development of akimat of Kostanay region, regional branch of JSC development fund "Damu", "BK-Stroy" LLP, "Association of Organic Agriculture" RPA, "Tsesnabank" KB JSC. The business plan was written, calculations are made, the analysis of the market was made by each team, and therefore to choose only three prize-winners was difficult.

      The best student's business project of 2015 was unanimously chosen by the solution of competition committee the project: "Zoohotel with stationary point of treatment". The authors: Kayumov Timur and Paderin Maxim, students of 4 course specialty 5B120100 "Veterinary medicine", which were awarded by the Diploma of the I-st degree. (The research advisor: associate professor of veterinary medicine department, candidate of veterinary science L.S.Selunskaya).


      The projects were awarded by diploma of the II degree:


    "Enterprise on utilization and processing of electronic waste". The author: Zhusupov Kanat – the student of the 3rd course of the specialty 5B060400 "Physics". (The research advisor:  candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, professor of department "Power industry and physics" V.M.Poyezzhalov)


     "Modular system for power generation from the household waste". The author: Azizova Leila, Voitsekhovskiy Alexey – 2nd year master degree students of the specialty "Power industry". (The research advisor:  candidate of technical sciences, I.V.Koshkin)

     The authors of projects received diplomas of the III degree:


    "Biological methods of pest control of crops". The author:  Sled Artem – the student of 3rd course of specialty 5B120200 "Veterinary sanitation". (The research advisors: candidate of veterinary science, associate professor of department "Veterinary medicine" R.K.Tuyakov, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor T.I. Isintayev)


    "Life on the palm of hand". The author:  Hudaibergenova Lola – the student of the 3rd course of the specialty 5B051100 "Marketing". (The research advisors: Doctor of economics, professor O.V.Mishulina, O.A.Kvashenko – master of economics)   


    "The printer for the printing of the images on cases of smartphones and tablet computers" The author: Zhumambetova Karlygash, Shiktybayeva Rabia, Mitayeva Maryam – students of the 3rd course of the specialty 5B050900 "Finance". (The research advisors: M.M.Uakpayeva – the head teacher of "Finance and Banking" department)



     Student's business - projects gained the recognition and positive responses of all members of commission. So, “Tobol” JSC SEC, Management of entrepreneurship and industrial and innovative development of akimat of Kostanay region, "Damu" JSC Fund of development of entrepreneurship invited the prize-winners of competition on the training seminars, courses for the beginning businessmen and invited the students of our university on the training.


    The director of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kostanay region V.N.Tribushnaya noted by the special diploma the project "Enterprise on utilization and processing of electronic waste" of Zhusupov Kanat as the best innovative project. (The research advisor:  V.M. Poyezzhalov).


    The executive director of "Association of Organic Agriculture" RPA V.V.Lopukhin thanked the authors of the project " Market Formation of Organic Production in the Northern Region of  Republic of Kazakhstan" Yemelyanova Angelina, Radko Marina and their research advisor O.V.Mishulina for the cooperation (the project was made by the order) and awarded by the special award.