Kostanay state
A. Baitursynov
In order not to be behind other nations -
It is necessary to acquire knowledge, to be rich and strong.
In order to know - it is necessary to study,
In order to be rich - it is necessary to go in for craft,
In order to be strong - it is necessary to keep unity.

Professional Developmentand Engagement Centre created on the basis of A.Baitursynov Kostanay state university within the intergovernmental Kazakhstan-British program "Newton - Al-Farabi"

In 2015 the center of professional development and interaction (Professional Development and Engagement Centre-PDE Centre) in Kostanay was opened on the basis of A. Baitursynov Kostanay state University within the intergovernmental Kazakhstan-British Programme "Newton - Al-Farabi".

The partner program "Newton - Al-Farabi" is financed in common by the governments of the Great Britain and the Republic of Kazakhstan and will act as a basis for expansion and increase of cooperation in the sphere of researches and innovations between the governments, public institutions, research organizations, higher educational institutions, companies and  enterprises, to keep economic development of Kazakhstan. Coordinators of the program “Newton - Al-Farabi” are British Council from Great Britain and JSC “Science Fund” from Kazakhstan.

The Professional Development and Engagement strand of the Newton – Al-Farabi Partnership Programme aims to support the development of the research environment in Kazakhstan and enable optimal impact from research.

Within this direction of the Programme the British Council and JSC “Fund Sciences” initiated the creation of eight Centres of professional development and interaction in the higher education institutions and research organizations in different regions of Kazakhstan.

 On October 21-23, 2015 the PDE Centre in Kostanay delivered the three-day training “Researcher Connect” on the professional development of researchers passed in the main building on the basis of linguistic scientific and educational laboratory of humanities and social science faculty. The invited experts Aigerim Shilibekova (L.N. Gumilev Eurasian National University) and Tara Mitchell (the international trainer, British Council) performed as trainers.

 Researcher Connect is a series of the interactive training courses for the researchers, who are at any stage of research activity and working in any academic sphere. These courses are aimed at the professional development with the focus on the improvement of communication skills in the international context.

 The researchers and their organizations need to be able to present their researches to the international audience in the conditions of the growing competition and the global market. For this purpose the researchers need to develop the main communication skills which will allow to be published in the international journals, to speak at the international conferences, to submit applications on participation in national and international competitions for financing of researches, to adjust the international cooperation for advance of the researches.

 9 representatives of A. Baitursynov Kostanay State University took part in training: Denis Kacheev, Vyacheslav Godunov, Aikumis Abdibekova, Yury Martynyuk, Gulmira Abileva, Gulnara Yunusova, Assel Sarbasova, Natalya Savoyskaya, Margarita Trichik. The participants of training increased the knowledge and communication skills which further they will use in their research activity. As a result, the participated scientists will be able to increase the researches quality of their organization, and also a rating and reputation in the international research community.

The PDE Centre Newton-Al-Faraby at A.Baitursynov Kostanae State University plans to conduct trainings and workshops on topical research areas of the Kostanay region, to promote cooperation with foreign colleagues, to carry out assistance for innovative research developments.

For more information about the program “Newton-Al-Farabi”: http://www.britishcouncil.kz/ru/newton-al-farabi.


Feedback from participants of the activities of the PDE Centre of intergovernmental Kazakh-British program "Newton - Al-Farabi" at A.Baitursynov Kostanay State University



Denis Kacheyev,

PhD in Philosophy, MA in History,

Faculty member, Department of Philosophy, A.Baitursynov Kostanay State University


The last workshop was very interesting and useful. All participants received a good opportunity to improve their language skills, gained experience of the teamwork and learned a lot. Personally, I learned a few good ideas from these sessions and I will try to implement these ideas in my scientific work and teaching. I am very grateful to the organizers and trainers for their good work, for the fact that they gave a high level of motivation and sharing new knowledge.


Natalia Savoyskaya,

PhD in Linguistics, Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages,

A.Baitursynov Kostanay State University


I have participated in the seminar of the PDE Center Newton- Al-Farabi dedicated to the issues of writing applications for research grants. I liked the seminar very much, we had great lecturers. We were pleased with the organization of the seminar. I think that it is necessary to frequently organize such events, promoting cooperation and uniting professionals.


Vyacheslav Godunov,

PhD in Economics, Faculty member, Department of Finance and Banking, A.Baitursynov Kostanay State University

The PDE Centre Newton-Al-Farabi has just started its activities, it opened recently. As far as I know, they conducted training seminars for university staff fron the Kostanai region, as well as to disseminate information on cooperation in science between Kazakhstan and Great Britain.

I was pleased to respond to the announcement of a seminar held for the researchers at the PDE Centre. The proposed topic was the increase knowledge and skills in planning the research for a grant and improve business communication, work on the creation of business linkages.

The goals and activities of the PDE Centre is of great value because we have an opportunity to communicate with native speakers, professional trainers of international level, experienced people in the field of science who have a lot to share.

The seminar was organized well, there was everything you need. One can only expect more training on topics related to the research.


Gulnara Yusupova

PhD in Engineering, Head of the Department of Environment, A.Baitursynov Kostanay State University

The PDE Center Newton-Al-Farabi started its working at the Kostanay State University recently. I started to work with the Center’s staff as a participant of the training Researcher Connect. I liked this training’s programme, therefore, so I have submitted my application to participate in it. The workshop was well organized and helpful. I learned a lot of useful details to which I didn’t paid attention before in the preparation of my project proposals.

During the workshop, I had a good impression of the coordinatorr of the center – Margarita Trichik. I think that the Centre was organized with ambitious goals, I wish that they were true. We are ready to cooperate.