Kostanay state
A. Baitursynov
In order not to be behind other nations -
It is necessary to acquire knowledge, to be rich and strong.
In order to know - it is necessary to study,
In order to be rich - it is necessary to go in for craft,
In order to be strong - it is necessary to keep unity.


Modern development of Kazakhstan is impossible without science, innovation technologies, implementation of scientific achievements into industry and education. Science and education play a great role in procuring dynamism of economics and political sustainability of Kazakhstani society, which is relevant today, when we are within European educational space.


Scientific research of the staff of A. Baitursynov Kostanai state university is carried out according to Comprehensive outline of Scientific research development within 2009 – 2015 and annual Scientific research outline in accordance with the University Development Strategy. 


Thus the aim of KSU staff concerning science and research is the formation of the “new generation” university combining education and research, design and technological projects and their implementation in accordance with the region’s development directions.


To achieve the aim some tasks for integration of science and industry are set: improving the effectiveness of research, university’s bias to applied research, improving post-graduate programmes quality in accordance with the demands of industry.


The staff is working at achieving the tasks set, further improvement  and achieving positive results of research, the university’s status improving. The vice-rector on science and international cooperation, department of science and post-graduate studies, international office coordinate this work.  


Research of the university is carried out in Economics of Agriculture, Plant Study, Cultivation of Soil, Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Study, Plant Protection, Microbiology, Veterinary and Animal Breeding, Animal and Plant Biotechnology, Automation and Electrification of Agriculture, IT- technologies, and Arts.


Fundamental and applied research is financed by the state budget and out-of-the-budget sources.


To prioritize scientific and innovation, improving effectiveness of research, enhancing science’s influence in solving educational tasks there created the Centre of Economic Research (CER), Innovation Science and Educational Centre (ISEC). The creation of the centres allows scientists, teachers, students, post-graduates of the university to carry out research in Economics, Agriculture, Biology and Veterinary. 



 In 2012 according to the results of  Grant Financing Contest, announced by the Committee of Science  of Ministry of Science and Education RK, A. Baitursynov KSU got financing for 5 researches:





 working out of Kazakhstani test-system immune- enzyme test of identification  estradiol-17β in animal-related products.

The leader of the project: Kokanov S.K. – ISEC, candidate of  Veterinary, associate - professor;





  specificity of  formation of Modern Mass Media Market as Intellectual Potential of the State. The leader of the project: Zhunusova A.M. – head of Journalism and Communicative Management Department,   candidate of Philology, associate - professor;







 Ecology of Language and Culture in Ethnic regions:  the languages of Kostanai oblast communities.

The leader of the project: Akhmetova B. Z – head of  Theory of Language and  Literature Department,   candidate of Philology, associate - professor;





 Investigation of Torgai Archeological Heritage in the context of ancient peoples of Eurasia interaction: cross-cultural links, ethnical social processes, paleconomics.

The leader of the project: Logvin A.V. – head of Archeological Laboratory;






 Regional Ethnic Linguistics: based on toponymics of Kostanai oblast.
The leader of the project: Akhmetova B. Z – head of  Theory of Language and  Literature Department,   candidate of Philology, associate – professor.







 In 2013 according to the results of  Grant Financing Contest, announced by the Committee of Science  of Ministry of Science and Education RK,          A. Baitursynov KSU got financing for 7 researches based on programme  120 “Grant financing of scientific research” specificity 149 “Other services and work” for 2013 - 2015:




 Improving effectiveness of agricultural industrial enterprises by recycling waste in biological gas installation.

The leader of the project: Kurmanov A.K. – professor of Technical service department, Doctor of technical science;



● working out of systems with technology of non-graphic accounts of  General-purpose computing on graphics processing units, with the use of soft-ware accounting  NVIDIA Compute Unified Device Architecture.

The leader of the project: Muslimova A.Z. –  associate – professor of Information Science and Mathematics Department, candidate of pedagogic;





● working out of Kazakhstani test-systems based on polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in real time for identification septoria spot of crops.

The leader of the project: Beishova I.S. - associate – professor of Biology and Chemistry Department, candidate of agricultural science;





Studies of Basics of Pharmacological  kinetics and Pharmacological Dynamics  of Analgizing medicines of advanced generation in horse bodies.

The leader of the project: Ryschanova R.M. - associate – professor of Veterinary Sanitary Department, candidate of Veterinary;




 working out of new biological medicine to control the number of depredators of the closed soil.

The leader of the project: Kokanov S.K. – ISEC, candidate of  Veterinary, associate - professor;






 working out of new highly effective incectoacaricide and larvicide stuff from synthetic pyretroids to protect oxen from zoofile flies on fodder grounds and  pastures.

The leader of the project: Aubakirov M.Zh. –  associate – professor of Veterinary Medicine Department, candidate of  Veterinary;



There carried out research projects on 74 initiative topics, registered in National Centre of Scientific and Technical Information of RK.


 KSU scientists annually take part in the “Best High School Teacher Contest”.

Annually teachers and scientists of KSU publish articles in more than 700 scientific journals of RK and others.   The University publishes multi-directional scientific journal «3i: intellect, idea, innovation». In  2009 the journal was granted subscription index 74297,  from  2010  it has become possible to subscribe to the journal in any “Kazpost” ltd office.

In 2012  «3i: intellect, idea, innovation» was given the subscription index, which has made  it  available for all Kazakhstani scientists. In 2012 the journal was registered in the International Centre on Registration of serial issues  ISSN (UNESCO, Paris, France).



Patenting  and licencing is developed in the university. Recently more than 80 research projects results have been implemented in educational process and  industry.  Applications on inventions and industrial patterns are basically formed on technical, agrarian and veterinary fields.

KSU concluded the Agreements on Creative Cooperation with leading  foreign institutions and  SII of RK. In the frames of the agreements there held joint researches, conferences, seminars, exchange student and post-graduate programmes, business trips of specialists, foreign scientists are invited to deliver lectures and assist with the organization of research projects.

Annually international, republican, regional scientific and practical conferences are held in the university, one of them being the annual international conference “Baitursynov Readings”. In 2013 foreign scientists, representatives of MSE RK, teachers took part in it.  The most interesting report was that of  Lozovitska Bozhena, PhD, head of regional experimental station of Plant Protection Institute of National Research Institute,  Poland. Results were announced during the conclusive part of the conference. More than 100 teachers and students participated in the conference.  Before the beginning of the conference the collection of articles in 2 volumes (35 print lists) was published.



Scientific and research procures effective training of highly qualified post-graduate students and doctors in 21 fields for post-graduates and 3 – for doctorate programmes.