Kostanay state
A. Baitursynov
In order not to be behind other nations -
It is necessary to acquire knowledge, to be rich and strong.
In order to know - it is necessary to study,
In order to be rich - it is necessary to go in for craft,
In order to be strong - it is necessary to keep unity.

On June 28, 2017, the solemn graduation ceremony of Information Technology Faculty took place at the assembly hall of Kostanay State University. Kazakh and Russian departments’ graduates of bachelor and master degree specialties received diplomas in Higher Education. There were specialties of “Mathematics”, “Informatics”, “Information system”, “Computers and Software”. This year, diplomas’ owners became 109 people, and 14 from them graduated university with distinction. The dean of Information Technology Faculty Nurlan Medetov congratulated graduates on this important event. He says, “You became specialists with a university degree. Our teachers shared knowledge with you. Our faculty develops every year. Students had an opportunity to acquire quality knowledge thanks to laboratory of innovative engineering, where technique and equipment, which connected with robotics and mechatronics, are presented. Also I want to note a high level of theoretical knowledge as well as practical training, which is provided by highly qualified academic teaching staff. I encourage you to use own knowledge for the benefit of our country! I know and believe our students are the best specialists!” The Dean of ITF handed diplomas to graduates after own speech. To honour the activists, who received honoured diplomas and gifts for contribution to the development of University, is a tradition of Higher Education Institution. Graduation ceremony was accompanied by the concert and was finished by the taking photos.
Within the realization of the international Twinning project from May 28 to June 8, 2017, a study of teachers of the veterinary faculty on «Basics of epidemiology» was held on the basis of Toulouse national veterinary school. There are topics, which were learnt on courses: 1. Basic principles of the epidemiology 2. Application fields of the epidemiology 3. Selection strategy of the test 4. Information resources in the field of epidemiology 5. Frequency calculation of the infection 6. Outbreak research of infectious diseases 7. Integration of results of diagnostic tests and screening 8. Study of the academic programmes for training of veterinarians in Toulouse national veterinary school.   The dean of faculty of veterinary and livestock technology Azamat Issabayev said, «Acquisition of knowledge in development mechanism of different diseases in animals, ways of it transmission and also risk identification in population were valuable information for me. It is necessary in the future for the best control of epizootic situation. A distinctive characteristic of approach at the audience preparation of courses on epidemiology was a big analytical work with the involvement of examples from factory and various statistic data».   Foreign specialists noted exceptional importance of providing quality veterinary education and training of qualified specialists.   At the end of courses, the scientists summed up the results, handed certificates to all participants and visited different veterinary clinics and laboratories.  
On April 28, 2017, «Best curator of year» contest was held for the first time in the assembly hall of KSU. The purpose of the competition is an improvement and activation of curators’ activity in the common system of educational work, and also public acceptance of its importance in the personality formation of the future specialist.   «Contest is always an event and opportunity to demonstrate own professionalism once again. It was organized for everybody: young and experienced curators. Curators are different: they teach different subjects, work on different faculties and have different work experience. But they all have a similarity in creative approach to their work and big responsibility for assigned duties. The important thing is that our University teaches us how to live among people. The experience of entering in community, in which you need to be in demand, is being taken in University. It is the challenge, which curators set for themselves. Thanks to curators a lot of interesting and significant events were held this year. There were campaign «Give a life», «Gratitude Day», «Nauryz - holiday» and campaign «25 students’ initiatives», dedicated to 25 years of Independence of the Republic Of Kazakhstan and during this event students together with curators visited war and labour veterans, orphanages, boarding schools for children with special needs, where they held children's matinee and charity concerts» - the organizer of the contest, head of the educational work department Gulnar Berkenova told. Prior to the beginning of the contest, one of the events was especially noted - «Charity fair», which became the good tradition in our University. The organizers were chairpersons of the council of curators and students’ groups. The financial resources were collected by their efforts, which gave Amina Mukasheva, who in need of rehabilitation. Also they send stuffed toy and wished speedy recovery. We are confident that students together with curators ready for good deals.  The first two stages of the contest passed at faculties, according to which applications on the participation in the final were made by seven curators. For participation in the third stage they needed to prepare video, the content of which should reflect their work with students, collaborative events, sport activities and exhibitions visiting. The contest showed the curators’ work, which is very hard, and was accompanied by applause of audience. Special excitement in the hall was given to the contest’s stage - personal task because it supposed creative response of the contestant on the open-ended question. The answers of finalists confirmed their pedagogical wisdom, focus and pedagogical excellence. The stage of the contest, where students participated together with curators, was also interesting. The most active students with quick thinking and creative approach to solution of any problem supported curators. It should be noted that curators and students coped with tasks of the contest with excellence. When contest committee summarized the result, students were congratulating the curators, reading poems and singing songs to them. The results of the contest: 1. Askhat Zhumabayev - Veterinary and Livestock Technology Faculty; 2. Shynar Tolegenovna - Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty; 3. Gulzat Baizakova - Economics Faculty; 4.Yevgeniy Zolotukhin - Engineering Technical Faculty; 5. Laura Nurkhanova - Law Faculty; 6. Zhanar Nurpeisova - Information Technology Faculty; 7.Dinara Kultayeva - Agriculture and Biology Faculty. The teacher of Veterinary and Livestock Technology Faculty Askhat Zhumabayev received the title of «Best curator of year» by the decision of the contest committee. The winner and finalists were awarded by the diplomas and memorable prizes.
On April 21, 2017, the annual International scientific and practical conference «Baitursynov reading - 2017» on the topic «Science and practice for accelerated technological modernization and global competitiveness of the country», dedicated to 145 years of Akhmet Baitursynov, was held on the basis of A.Baitursynov Kostanay State University. The work of the conference was aimed to discussion of the modern issues of the third modernization of Kazakhstan, innovative and entrepreneurial sources of the new model of economic growth. According to data, about 400 people took part in the work of the conference. They were heads and workers of ministries and departments, scientific organizations and enterprises, scientific and pedagogic workers, research scientists, academic teaching staff of HEIs, postdoctoral students, postgraduate students and journalists. The KSU rector Khussain Valiyev opened the conference. In the speech, Khusain Khassenovich reflected significance, importance and scale of the event and noted that the conducting of such conference became a good tradition, which effectively contributes to the development of scientific relations for many years, and also to stimulation and promotion of the innovative projects, interest increasing of students and young scientists to scientific and research work. Also the rector of the University emphasized that the conference allows exchanging information and experience with colleagues not only from other cities of Kazakhstan, but also from countries of near and far abroad. In concluding his speech, the rector thanked participants and guests for attention and participation in the International scientific and practical conference and wished everybody good health and big success. The speakers of the plenary session were researchers from Universities of Russia, Czech Republic and Kazakhstan. 1. Vitezslaw Vilimek - PhD, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic. The topic of the report: Nonverbal communication as a component of intercultural contacts. 2. Maiya Valeryvna Uspenskaya - D.Eng.Sc., professor, head of the department of information technology of fuel and energy complex, ITMO University, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation. The topic of the report: Universities 3.0: experience of University of information technologies, mechanics and optics. 3. Saken Koishybayevich Sheryazov - D.Eng.Sc., professor, department of electric supply of agriculture, Agro-engineering Institute of South Ural State Agrarian University, Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation. The topic of the report: Energy development - energy of the future: problems and challenges. 4. Safar Abdugaliyevich Koldybayev - D.Eng.Sc., professor, head of the department of philosophy of A.Baitursynov Kostanay State University. The topic of the report: To the question about social position of Alikhan Bokeikhan. The work of the conference was conducted by 6 main sections: 1. Current issues of juridical science: institutional transformation, safety and anticorruption efforts; 2. Innovative and entrepreneurial sources of the new model of economic growth; 3. «Mangilik El» idea as a priority of the development of social and humanitarian sciences; 4. Digital and information technologies in the science, education and practice; 5. Innovative development of agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan: experience, scientific developments and perspectives; 6. Engineering sciences - basis of the third modernization of Kazakhstan. Within the framework of the conference, current issues were discussed, which were directed on solution of institutional science and education problems and also on solution of the tasks for realization of the program of industrial and innovative development of Kazakhstan. Participants of the conference and honored guests noted the high level of the conference organization in KSU. KSU press secretar: Alla Chechetkina
On April 5, 2017, the final of KSU rector’s cup series among University teams of the Club of the Merry and Inventive took place at the assembly hall of Kostanay State University. Six teams reached the final: «Sbornaya Veterinarnogo Fakulteta»,«KGU men» - ABF,«OK GOGLE» - ITF,«Aksioma» - ITF, «Chicago Bulls»,«Finansovye monstry» - EF. These teams contested in order to deserve to be called the best University players of the Club of the Merry and Inventive during 2017 season. The final game was judged by the strict juries, consisting of: 1.Arman Zholdanov - Team captain of CFI «Stil na», member of combined team «V boi idut stariki», team member of CFI «Sosnovy bor»; 2. Islam Yesnazarov - graduate of KSU, director of the sport-bar «#Udruzei», director of the fitness-club «Drive», director of the advertising agency «Renis»; 3. Alla Chechetkina - head of the KSU press-service;  4.Rustem Beishov - chairman of union committee organization in KSU; 5. Bulat Kaliyev - head of the youth initiative development centre of KSU; 6.Dastan Kuantayev - graduate of KSU, numerous winner of Rector’s cup, participants of humoristic youth project on the TV channel Khabar in the team of the Club of the Merry and Inventive «HOLLYWOOD». It was difficult challenge for the jury, because they should choose the strongest and merriest team of KMI of 2017 among merriest and most inventive students of our University.  The teams competed in two contests: greeting and musical home tasks. The conference hall was full of spectators during the final game. Spectators sincerely laughed at interesting and funny jokes of all teams. The third place was taken by the team «OK GOGLE» of information technologies faculty, the second place by the team «Finansovye monstry» of economics department. By the results of all contests, owners of the KSU rector’s cup 2017 became the team «Chicago Bulls». They not only became the owners of trophy, but also showed a great game. Darina Kalimzhanova, who is the 1st year student from economics faculty, the team «Finansovye monstry», received the title of «Best actress». Bekzhan Yessetov, who is a member of the team «KGU men», received the title of «Best actor». Photos of CMI KSU press secretary: Alla Chechetkina 
On March 31, 2017, the International Student Scientific and Practical Conference «Current issues of modern student science: problems and solutions», dedicated to 145th birth anniversary of Akhmet Baitursynov, took place at A.Baitursynov Kostanay State University. The participants of the conference were students from Civil Aviation Academy (Almaty), K.Zhubanov Aktobe Regional State University (Aktobe), Shakarim Semey State University (Semey), L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University (Astana), Saken Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University (Astana), Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsouz (Karaganda), Volgograd State Agrarian University (Volgograd, Russia), Orenburg State Agrarian University (Orenburg, Russia),Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University (Minsk, Republic of Belarus), Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno (Grodno, Republic of Belarus) and students of our University.The head of the Science and Postgraduate Education department Andrey Petrovich Koval opened the conference. In the opening statement, he noted the significance of holding such scientific events in the University. The professor of Economics Department of KSU Sansyznay Mukhametgaliyevich Zhiyentayev and head teacher of Philosophy Department of KSU Denis Anatilyevich Kacheyev also addressed to the participants of the conference in the opening speech. The work of the conference was organized into 7 main sections:1st section - Social and humanitarian sciences;2nd section - Historical and juridical sciences;3rd section - Economics sciences;4th section - Physico-mathematical and information sciences;5th section - Agriculture and biology sciences;6th section - Engineering and technical sciences;7th section - Veterinary and agricultural sciences. The Commission selected the winners among presented works after performance of all participants. The participants of the conference noted the high scientific level of the conference, topics’ variety of the presented reports, many of which had given rise to the lively discussion. All participants received diplomas and memorable prizes at the end of the conference. KSU press secretary Alla Chechetkina
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