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Student newspaper "Bilim zharysy"


March, 2024

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The first issue of the University student newspaper "Bilim Zharysy" was published on March 22, 1998.The initiative to open the newspaper belongs to the Department of Journalism and Communication Management, so the authors of the materials are students and teachers of the department. Initially, the newspaper was conceived as a practical base for students of the specialty "journalism" and today, 25 years later, thanks to the efforts of students and teachers, the newspaper continues to be published, but so far only in electronic form.

The name "Bilim zharysy" in translation means "Knowledge contest". And therefore it is quite natural that the student newspaper "Bilim Zharysy" published on the basis of the KRU continues the traditions A.Baitursynova, publishing materials in both Kazakh and Russian, promoting knowledge and performing, first of all, educational and educational functions.

Currently, the newspaper is published in A3 format. It publishes materials on a variety of topics: student problems, events, achievements of students and teachers, high-quality journalistic materials on topical topics, everything that invariably accompanies student life. The newspaper reflects many events held within the walls of the university. Here each student can find materials that match his interests, as well as participate in the creation of a newspaper.

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