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Conducting the 4th working meeting of the consortium of Kazakhstan and European universities on implementation of the international project KUTEL

Implementation of the international project KUTEL "Universities of Kazakhstan for the improvement of quality assurance processes in education using new teaching technologies" continues in 2020-2021 academic year. According to the plan, the fourth planned seminar is to be held in October 2020 in Kokchetav, but in connection with the situation with Covid-19, this seminar was held in online format. Thus, on October 7, 2020, the 4th working meeting of the consortium of Kazakh and European universities of the Kutel project was held. This meeting considered the intermediate results of the international project and outlined the main steps for further project implementation.

Thus, the following issues were considered during the virtual meeting:

- According to the fifth working package WP5: Management and administration, management and administrative questions on the project work were analyzed, the following stages of work on the project were marked;

- For the second WP2 work package: Development, the questions of working with the training platform, questions of training tutors and questions of conducting courses for teachers were described in detail;

- For the third WP3 work package: Quality Assurance Questions on the preparation of all necessary documents and reports on the next phase of the project were noted.

- For the fourth working package WP4: Distribution and operation, problematic issues were identified. Ways of solving this issue are proposed

The meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere, all project participants received necessary information on the project work, got acquainted with the results of the reporting documentation, and were able to ask questions to the project coordinators.

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