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The committee on youth affairs

The main tasks of KDM:

  • development, implementation and maintenance of an effective educational process management system at the University;
  • improvement of the system of educational work by generalizing and disseminating positive experience of faculties and departments in the organization of educational work;
  • by developing and compiling various methodological materials for student activities aimed at supporting the national idea of " Мәңгілік ел " and the implementation of the program of the article of the President " Рухани жаңғыру".

 The structure of the Committee on youth affairs


Aliev Orynbay Tahirovich

Head of the Committee on youth affairs 

Phone: +7(7142)51-11-90


To create an effective student self-government, a dialogue platform between the administration and students, the Higher Student Council functions at the A. Baitursynov KSU, under the leadership of the Committee on Youth Affairs.

The Higher Student Council of KSU named after A. Baitursynov is a body of collective self-government of students aimed at the formation of a comprehensively developed, creative personality, with an active lifestyle, the training of modern specialists who are competitive in the labor market.

The Higher Student Council, together with the Center for the Development of Youth Initiatives, implements the following tasks:

  • ensuring the participation of students in various events held at the university and citywide events;
  • cooperation with regional and republican youth organizations;
  • promotion of a healthy lifestyle among young people;
  • harmonious development of the patriotic spirit of students;

 creating conditions for the development of individual characteristics and intellectual potential of students for the benefit of the whole society.





Today it is important to set the task of forming the corporate culture of students, which is the most important criterion for the quality of educational work at the University.

Corporate culture is a system of values, ideals, norms, attitudes, views, beliefs, work standards, behaviors, traditions, customs, creative activity and ability to work in a team.

Combining these values, the Supreme Student Council performs the following functions:

development of student self-government structures, their influence on university;

 coordination of student organizations in solving economic, social and cultural problems of students, through the implementation of the program of development of student associations of the University;

 - increasing the role of student associations in the self- governmental role of the University.

The management of the Council is carried out by its chairman, elected at the general meeting. At present, 10 student associations of the university are members of the VSS.

  • Branch of YW “Жас Отан”;
  • Club “Мәңгілік Ел”;
  • KVN / Zhaidarman;
  • Debate club “Ахмет Ұрпақтары”;
  • Intellectual club " Спарта ";
  • Club of family values “Алтын босаға”;
  • Volunteer charity club “Аялы Жастар”
  • Student Small Interethnic Assembly
  • Student Press-service;
  • “Terra Incognita” eSports Club
  • Student Council of the House of Students.

The Higher Student Council of KSU is directly involved in all areas of the university.

The main composition of the Higher Student Council:



Mukan Dana

4-year student of the Institute of Economics and Law

Chairman of the Higher Student Council



Aimuhambet Bakhytzhamal

3rd year student of the Institute of Economics and Law

Secretary of the Higher Student Council




Bostanbaeva Asem

4th year student of the Agricultural Technical Institute

Chairman of the student trade union organization of KSU

Call center - 8 (7142) 93-10-10