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The international project “ACADEMICA” within the 14th annual international conference of Association of the teachers of English the RK "KazTEA"

Duringthe period of March, 29-30 on base of Miras University (Shymkent) the 14thannual international conference of Association of the teachers of English of the Republic of Kazakhstan - "KazTEA" on "Recognizing Learning Abilities and Teaching Possibilities in the Era of Trilingual Education" was organized. Sponsors of this conference included the U.S. Embassy in the RK, the Inter Press company, Association of teachers of Shymkent, etc.

The conference was organized in three main stages – the Discussion before a conference (pre-conference event) – on March 28, 2017 within which informal discussion of subjects of linguistic and methodical plans in the form of a round table took place; the plenary session and an exhibition of production of Inter Press where T. Letyaykina's reports, the president of "KazTEA" were listened to; N. Dosybayev, the head of department of formation of Shymkent; M. Dorr, expert of English of the U.S. Department of State; B. Bayekesheva, representative of the center of pedagogical measurements of NIS, Astana; L. Smirnova and S. Abdygapparova, professors of KAZNITI of K. Satpayev, Almaty.

Kostanay delegation included the associate professor of KSU after A. Baytursynov - Kandalina E. M., senior lecturer of the department of foreign languages - Danilova V. V., teachers of Zatobolsk school gymnasium: Bozhko E. V., Magamedova E. P., Khoroshilova E. Yu., Adamovich E. N.

Danilova V.V. presented the report on the topic "International project "ACADEMICA" (Erasmus+) as a toolkit for students". The topic of the report emphasizes the features of training of ICT in the sphere of training English within the international ACADEMICA project. The workshop of the teacher had formal, informative character and received positive reviews. In general, all conferees emphasize its actual character and need for the light of reforms on modern education.

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