Tempus - (the Trans-European Program of Mobility in the High Education Sphere) is European Union program, intended for the facilitation of high education modernization in partner-countries on basis of collaboration between universities of European Union and the partner-countries (the countries of the Western Balkans, Southern Europe, Central Asia, Northern Africa and Middle East)


Basic goal of the program is to facilitate the harmonization and approaching of high education systems in the appointed regions with high education systems in EU, to promote the principles of Lisbon Convention and Bologna process.

Tempus program focuses on the improvement of high education system in these countries cooperating with the institutions of partner-countries of EU. This program is based on the acceptance of the especial role of HEIs in the social and economic transfer process and cultural development; they represent the specialized knowledge and human resources and assure the training of new generations of political leaders.


More detailed information is given on pages of the following website:  Tempus

National Office of Tempus program in Kazakhstan

Admission committee