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TEL technologies in education-a quiz on KUTEL project

In accordance with the Erasmus Day program held at BKRU, on the 14th, October, 2021 a quiz was organized for students of the specialty "Physical Culture and Sports" (1.4 courses, 33 participants) on the topic "TEL teachnologies in education – English". The moderator of the quiz is a member of the research group of the international project KUTEL, doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​Viktoriya Bezhina. The organizers of the event (Bekmagambetov Ruslan, Kifik Nataliya, Gridneva Veronika, Bezhina Viktoriya) aimed to involve students in the process of applying new technologies of the TEL format within the framework of the specialty being mastered. The quiz on the platform consisted of 27 multiple choice questions as well as of the type "true / false." The organizers of the game presented the rules and conducted the initial instruction, a demo version of the game. As a result, 3 students showed the highest result, giving more than 75 percent of correct answers. The goal of the event was achieved, all the participants noted the positive character of the use of TEL in education.

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